What we have learned about mastitis therapy in lactation over the last few years

History of overtreatment - In a large German study from 2019 - conducted before resistance testing became mandatory before the use of critical antibiotic agents in veterinary medicine in Germany - mastitis therapy in Germany was described based on the responses of 499 surveyed farmers/milkers/herd managers. It became clear that despite an established system of herd health work for dairy farms by veterinarians and extensive cytomicrobiological diagnostics including resistance testing (more than 1.5 million cytobacteriological examinations per year), clinical mastitis was usually treated for much longer than the application instructions for the drugs (SPC) required. During this time, mastitis was also treated with critical antibiotic agents (fluoroquinolones or 3rd and 4th generation cephalosporins) in 80 % of the cases (Falkenberg et al., 2019).

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Experts from all over the world and cooperatives will meet in September during the19th International Dairy Cooperatives Forum, which will be held in Białystok, Poland.

The challenges of the new financial perspective of the European Union and the European Green Deal are among the many topics that will be discussed during 19th International Dairy Cooperatives Forum. Experts and politicians from around the world will talk about the opportunities and threats of changes in the dairy sector.

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