In picture: Olivier Salat, Volker Krömker, Sofie Piepers, Ilka Klaas, Renata Travaglini, Leo Timms, Kees Bos, Sophie Couery, Helena Hakansson, Lisa-Marie Sandberg, Lisa Harris, Åsa Lundberg, Mario Lopez, Nathalie Albrecht, Aiga Avotina, Daryl Van Nydam (not pictured)

European experts launch new guidelines for successful dry periods for dairy cows

Until now, there are no internationally established guidelines for successful drying-off and dry period for dairy cows. European experts have agreed on a common approach to promote a healthy dry period by curing existing and avoiding new intramammary infections (IMI) …

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Fazenda colorado’s technical farm manager and veterinarian Sergio Soriano.

Brazil’s largest dairy farm talks improving udder health

Brazil’s largest dairy farm, Fazenda Colorado, has been steadily growing since it was first purchased in 1964.But sometimes growth comes with growing pains. For farm technical manager and veterinarian Dr. Sergio Soriano, the farm’s growing pains came in the form …

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