HIPRA is a multinational pharmaceutical company focused on prevention and diagnosis for animal and human health, with a broad range of highly innovative vaccines and an advanced diagnostic service. With its claim “Building immunity for a healthier world”, HIPRA affirms its commitment to contributing with solutions that improve world health.

HIPRA has a solid international presence in more than 39 countries, with its own subsidiaries, 11 diagnostic centres and 2 production plants strategically located in Europe (Spain) and America (Brazil). Moreover, its extensive international distribution network keeps open marketing channels with nearly 100 other countries, thereby covering the 5 continents.

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Continuous training is crucial, not only to increase knowledge but also in order to be kept up-to-date on the milk quality sector. But owing to today’s lifestyle, it is sometimes difficult to combine work and time for learning, even if HIPRA strongly believe in its importance.

  • HIPRA offers you a complete year of contents for which you only require 30 minutes to update your knowledge about milk quality and prevention methods.
  • Learn from leading professionals in the sector about different topics such as mastitis diagnosis, data analysis, management on the farm, immunology… and much more to come!
  • More info – mastitisvaccination.com/quick-talks-webinars/


Your opinion is very important to HIPRA, so HIPRA encourage you to contact their team of experts on Mastitis Vaccination to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have about mastitis.

HIPRA HQ |  T: +34 972 43 06 60 | corporate@hipra.com| www.hipra.com