M²-magazine #01 Nov 2011

Table of Content + M²-Flipbook for M²-PREMIUM members

  • 5 Preface M2 – a new route to better udder health and milk quality
  • 6 Interview Pam Ruegg, President of NMC ‘10: “The NMC is serving as a network for people working with mastitis control and milk quality”
  • 8 Focus Mastitis and milk quality: a worldwide challenge
  • 9 What is mastitis?
  • 16 What is milk quality?
  • 22 Vet@work Raf Somers, co-manager of the Vietnam Belgium Dairy Project: “What I do I understand!”
  • 24 Lab 24 The mastitis laboratory at the National Veterinary Institute (SVA) Uppsala, Sweden
  • 26 Management UGCN: communicating science
  • 32 Research PhD theses: Bovine mastitis caused by Escherichia coli: the clinical, bacteriological and therapeutic aspects Lactoferrin in Bovine Intramammary Infection
  • 34 Research papers
  • 36 Report Mastitis, the Aussie experience
  • 39 Conference Countdown Symposium 2011: Streptococcus uberis still a major cause of mastitis
  • 41 Business news Orbeseal 10 years young “Drying off dairy cows is more than inserting a tube!”
  • 42 Startvac, a new vaccine against: S.aureus, CNS and coliforms
  • 42 EMP calls for application of knowledge and tools to practice