M²-magazine #02 Feb 2012

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  • 5 Preface M2–for a better exchange of research results
  • 6 Interview Theo Lam, Dutch Udder Health Centre: “Direct communication essential to motivate dairy farmers!”
  • 10 Focus Milking machine and its effect on mastitis and milk quality
  • 10 Focus Milking routine and its effect on milk quality
  • 22 Report The mastitis research team at the Research Unit for Infectious Diseases and Public Health
  • 25 Lab Udder Health Systems Mastitis Laboratory (UHS), Washington, USA
  • 26 Management The Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network
  • 32 Research PhD theses Epidemiology and characterization of coagulase-negative Staphylococcus species from dairy farms
  • 32 Research PhD theses Intramammary infections with coagulase-negative Staphylococcusspecies in bovines – molecular diagnostics and epidemiology
  • 34 Research papers
  • 36 Director@work Bridging the gap between scientist and farmer
  • 38 Conference 23rd British Mastitis Conference “The answer to mastitis problems does not lie in a bottle!”
  • 40 Conference Marseille, France on 17th November 2011, 1st Meeting of European Milk Quality Experts
  • 41 Business news Better milking advice with a new instrument for milking Vacuum Diagnostics (VaDia)
  • 41 Business news DeLaval milking equipment to feature in new dairy barn at Cornell University, New York, USA
  • 42 Business news Merck Animal Health focuses on development of vaccines against evasion molecules
  • 42 Business news Merck Animal Health Launches Expertis Udder Health

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