M²-magazine #06 Jun 2013

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  • 5 Preface Effective communication between farmers and practitioners is key to improving udder health and milk quality
  • 6 Interview Dr. Jeremy Hill, Director Fonterra and President IDF
  • 9 Focus Use of molecular methods in mastitis management
  • 9 Focus Part 1: The methods
  • 15 Focus Part 2: The application
  • 21 Researcher@workGenetic contributions to variation in response to mastitis
  • 25 Lab Milk quality results from Flanders, Belgium
  • 27 Management A roadmap to mastitis control in Switzerland
  • 32 Award Dr. K. Larry Smith receives the National Mastitis Council Award of Excellence
  • 33 Research PhD theses Clinical mastitis occurring in cows on large dairy herds in Wisconsin
  • 34 Research PhD theses Influence of atmospheric temperature and relative humidity on bulk milk somatic cell count in dairy herds
  • 35 Research papers
  • 37 Business news

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