M²-magazine #08 Feb 2014

Table of Content & M²-Flipbook (for M²-PREMIUM members)

  • 5 Preface Just because we can – does it mean we should?
  • 6 Report China – a growing force in dairy
  • 9 Management Southeast Quality Milk Initiative
  • 16 Focus Mastitis control in robotic milking systems
  • 28 Research MSc thesis Evaluation of a lysostaphin fusion protein as a dry-cow treatment for chronic Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in dairy cattle
  • 32 Research PhD thesis Genomic selection for improved immune response to improve dairy cattle health
  • 33 Research papers
  • 34 Advisor@work Bruce Tonkin, United Dairymen of Arizona, USA No two bacterial investigations are ever the same
  • 36 Lab Mastitis control in North-East Italy
  • 38 Conference RELIM – the Latin American network on mastitis research

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