M²-magazine #10 Nov 2014

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  • 5 Preface Mastitis research – then and now
  • 6 Interview Professor John Middleton, University of Missouri, USA: “The Ghent meeting is an example of thinking outside the box“
  • 8 Management The effect of mastitis on reproductive performance
  • 15 Focus National Mastitis Council regional meeting draws a crowd
  • 17 Focus Antimicrobials – their use in prevention and cure of mastitis
  • 22 Focus Milk quality control in Flanders
  • 25 Focus Mastitis – the simple disease!
  • 28 Research papers
  • 30 Research PhD these Effects of exogenous beta-hydroxybutyrate on metabolism and mammary immune response in dairy cows
  • 31 Research PhD these Evaluation of a 3M Petrifilm on-farm culture system for use in selective dry cow therapy
  • 32 Lab Veterinary diagnostics in Ireland
  • 35 Conferences DeLaval at the NMC
  • 36 Conferences HIPRA symposium “Immunology and Path
  • 38 Conferences MSD sponsors European Mastitis Panel

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