M²-magazine #19 Nov 2017

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  • 5 Preface Global milk quality - building on a strong foundation
  • 6 Interview Dr. Michael Farre, SEGES, Denmark
  • 10 Report Advance Milking: a logical approach to improving udder health, milk quality and milking efficiency
  • 12 Report High Immune Response technology improves genetics and herd health
  • 14 Report Research finds that sampling technique impacts bacteriological results
  • 16 Researcher@work Understanding and preventing mastitis in dairy cows – Immune regulation in the mammary gland
  • 20 Focus Top tips to reduce environmental mastitis
  • 32 Conferences European Mastitis Panel meets in Poland
  • 34 Conferences Milk quality enthusiasts gather in Idaho for NMC Regional Meeting
  • 35 Research PhD theses The host-pathogen interaction of ecologically diverse coagulase-negative staphylococci in bovine mastitis, with a focus on prolactin
  • 38 Research PhD theses Milk quality and mastitis in Jimma, Ethiopia – Risk factors and constraints

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