M²-magazine #25 November 2020

Table of Content + M²-Flipbook for M²-PREMIUM members

  • 5 Preface A bright future for milk quality
  • 6 Producer@work Celebrated USA award-winning dairy farmer
  • 10 Business news SomaDetect – an in-line milk lab
  • 11 Letter to the Editor How to use qPCR testing for bulk tank milk samples and contagious mastitis in individual cows?
  • 12 Researcher@work Prof Marcos Muñoz is a veterinarian at the Universidad de Concepción, in Chile.
  • 16 Focus Staphylococcus aureus and bovine mastitis: recent findings
  • 26 Report Quality milk at the heart of award-winning cheese
  • 28 Management My approach to reducing clinical mastitis
  • 34 Conference Global Perspectives Headline NMC’s Annual Meeting in Orlando in January
  • 36 Research PhD theses Comparing dairy farm performance and heat stress abatement strategies in the United States using summer to winter ratios (S:W ratio)
  • 37 Research PhD theses The effect of dry period length on milk production, health and fertility in two cow breeds

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