M²-magazine #27 June 2020

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  • 5 Preface How can we support you?
  • 6 Interview Dr Eric Hillerton, New Zealand
  • 10 Researcher@work State-of-the-art mouse models as an innovative preclinical tool to study the current challenges in mammary gland inflammation
  • 13 Management European experts launch new guidelines for successful dry periods for dairy cows
  • 16 Focus Hood of the truck statistics for udder health monitoring
  • 26 Report The dairy farm environment and its impact on udder health
  • 29 Research papers
  • 30 Research PhD theses Strategies for improving safety and hygiene control practices in emerging dairy chains
  • 31 Research PhD theses Mastitis in dairy cows in Rwanda: characterization, prevalence, aetiology, antimicrobial resistance and effects on milk quality
  • 32 Organization The special role of a non-governmental organization – The Polish Mastitis Association – in promoting the concepts
  • of milk quality in Poland
  • 36 Technology New initiative aims to improve consistency in somatic cell counting

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