M²-magazine #31 dec 2021

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  • 5 Preface Ad manus medici veterinarii
  • 6 Interview Interview with Dr Greg Keefe
  • 11 Conference Explore ‘Future Frontiers’ at the 2022 NMC Annual Meeting
  • 12 Innovation Stem cell research shows promise as natural mastitis treatment
  • 14 Advisor@work Jennifer Walker, Director of Milk Quality, Danone North America.
  • 16 Researcher@work Diego B. Nobrega working on antimicrobial use and resistance in Canadian dairy herds
  • 22 Focus Current knowledge and application of biosecurity in cattle
  • 32 Producer@work Canadian dairy farm receives top milk quality awards
  • 34 Research PhD thesis Improving udder health management in dairy herds with automatic milking systems
  • 35 Research Master thesis Patterns of mastitis indicators during a clinical mastitis episode
  • 36 Research papers

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