M²-magazine #33 dec 2022

Table of Content + M²-Flipbook for M²-PREMIUM members

  • 5 Preface New challenges, new opportunities
  • 6 Interview In conversation with Professor Simon Dufour, Université de Montréal, Canada
  • 12 Management Establishing the bacterial cause of clinical mastitis through questioning
  • 17 Business news Balance the bias
  • 18 Focus Impact of nutrition and feeding managementon risk of mastitis in dairy heifers
  • 30 Producer@work Care and constancy key to quality milk
  • 32 Report New kid on the block: Corynebacterium uberis
  • 34 Conference NMC 2023
  • 36 Research PhD theses Biomarkers for bovine mammary gland involution and disease
  • 37 Research PhD theses Impact of intramammary infections with non-aureus staphylococci on udder health and milk production in dairy heifers
  • 38 Trainer@work Online training contributes to accessible knowledge transfer and global connection - part one

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