M²-magazine #36 June 2023

Table of Content + M²-Flipbook for M²-PREMIUM members

  • 5 Preface
    I am ready for the challenge!
  • 6 Interview
    Meet Prof. Pamela Adkins
  • 12 Management
    Dairy farming in Oceania
  • 18 Focus
    Pre-milking teat preparation
  • 28 Researchers@work
    The Immunity-AMR Project: An new Op+lait initiative
  • 30 Research Master thesis
    Comparison of bulk tank milk and water microbiota at Brazilian dairy farms during the dry and wet seasons.
  • 31 Research PhD thesis
    Understanding and detecting dairy ruminants mastitis
  • 32 Advisor@work
    My journey into milk quality consulting - necessity and passion
  • Conference
    National Mastitis Council holds its regional meeting in California

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