M²-magazine #38 March 2024

  • 5 Preface
    Embracing technology for better herd health and mastitis management
  • 6 Interview
    In conversation with Professor Emeritus David Kelton
  • 12 Management
    Dairy farming in China
  • 16 Focus
    Update on bovine mammary gland immunology
  • 24 Training
    Milk & Honey: Israel’s path to milk quality and udder health excellence - Part one
  • 30 Research PhD theses
    Enhancing antimicrobial stewardship on dairy farms with a focus on selective treatment of clinical mastitis
  • 31 Antimicrobial Stewardship:
    A One Health approach with a focus on antimicrobial reduction in dairy cattle
  • 32 Conferences
    NMC Annual Meeting draws members from 21 countries
  • 34 British Mastitis Conference 2023

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