M²-magazine, the magazine on mastitis and milk quality for the dairy professional, brings global information, highlights and news related to mastitis and milk quality, from a global perspective and flavored with local facts and figures, and with a scientifically sound basis.

M²-magazine is an effort shared by M-teamUGent, MEXcellence BV and Prosu Media Producties BV. We have brought together our experience, energy, passion and networks to publish this international magazine.


Topics that are included on a regular basis are …

… research updates, interviews, reports, project updates, overviews and trends in milk quality and mastitis prevalence/incidence worldwide, advisor@work, vet@work, producer@work, review papers (FOCUS), management, hot topics, summaries of conferences, meetings, and seminars, and so much more!


  • A community of 12.850+ dairy professionals form around the world (dairy farmers, researchers, veterinarians, consultants,  people involved in agribusiness, …)
  • Exclusive partnership: All members of the National Mastitis Council have been granted a premium access to the M²-premium content.
  • Grant your clients a premium login. Let’s get in touch regarding the possibilities of a partnership.  (Contact form below this page)
  • CHINESE MARKET: Get access to the Chinese market by surfing with us on our M²-CHINESE NEWSLETTER! (Contact form below this page)


Cross media Printed magazine, website, digital newsletter & Facebook page
Frequency Print: 3 print issues a year (April, September & December)
Newsletters: 26 per year
Website: 2 weekly updates
Language English
Circulation Print: approximately 500 copies (subscribers and targeted audiences including KOLs at international meetings, seminar, conferences, … worldwide)
Digital newsletter: 10,000 subscribers worldwide, every 2 weeks
Audience Dairy professionals (dairy producers, researchers, veterinary practitioners, consultants, people involved in agribusiness …)


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A professional partner includes:

  • Your company will appear on our website for a whole year with a logo and a dedicated partner webpage. The logo contains a direct click-through possibility towards your company’s website.
  • 12 news items/year on your dedicated partner page in collaboration with our editorial team. Our website administrator will send a monthly reminder to collect these items.
  • 12 advertorials in our digital newsletter in collaboration with our editorial team, to reach a large audience and to guide the audience to the online partner page.
  • Our partner page comes with a high google ranking (SEO), attracting more visitors to the partner page.

With this year-round collaboration your company profits from a large online reach of a specific audience of mastitis and milk quality specialists.


● Language: Mandarin
● Frequency: 3 times a year
● In partnership with DeLaval
● Distribution: M² website (, Chinese DeLaval website and WeChat
● For only € 500/issue we include your logo with your URL-link

NEW! FREE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION €2.000/100 subscriptions

  • Get a package of 100 digital subscriptions to access all content available on the website for a whole year for a whole year for your best clients. We will host this service for you by sending out the introductory mail and by mentioning your generosity.


Magazine # – (Deadlines for advertising material – Release Dates of the magazine)

M2-magazine 2/2021 - #30 M2-magazine 2/2021 - #30
(01/09/2021 - 15/09/2021)

M2-magazine 3/2021 - #31 M2-magazine 3/2021 - #31
(01/12/2021 - 15/12/2021)

M2-magazine 1/2022 - #32 M2-magazine 1/2022 - #32
(01/04/2022 - 15/12/2022)


  • Coordinator for adverts – Ellen Murks & Gonda Hoekman – tel. +31 (0) 320 28 69 39 –  
  • Sales Manager & Publisher – Lisanne Andeweg – mobile tel. +31 (0) 320 28 69 39 –
  • Publisher – Sarne De Vliegher – tel. +32 473 92 39 75 –

Contact us for info, advertising & partner programs in M²-magazine, M²-website & M²-Newsletters.
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M²-magazine is a shared effort by the M-teamUGent and Prosu Media Producties. We have brought together our experience, energy, passion and network to edit this international magazine.
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