MEX ConneXion Event | May 9-10, 2023

Join us May 9-10, 2023 at the MEX ConneXion Event in the beautiful city centre of Ghent (Belgium) and connect, learn & experience with and from like-minded peers interested in udder health and milk quality. #ScienceintoPractice #KnowledgeintoAction

The second live MEX ConneXion Event will take place at Novotel Gent. The venue is located in the heart of city center of Ghent and is very easy to reach either by car or public transport. The hotel has 117 comfortable guest rooms for participants that want to relax and stay overnight.
Coffee break, registration and exposition of the sponsoring companies’ roll-ups will take place in the hotel’s lobby and coffee corner.

What can you expect?

  • One keynote presentation on how to optimize mastitis interventions from both an epidemiological and economic point of view by Dr. Henk Hogeveen (Wageningen University, The Netherlands).
  • Two Connect, Learn & Experience sessions on how to make money from udder health services by two experts in the field, Dr. Luís Pinho (Portugal) and Dr. Črtomir Praprotnik (Slovenia).
  • Messages from our partners to stay tuned on the latest concepts, diagnostics, products and services in mastitis management.
  • Two interactive workshops on mastitis management by MEX™ (
  • Great network opportunities during coffee and lunch breaks.
  • A Vets Culture in Practice training by MEX™ in which you will become inspired on how to interpret milk bacteriological culture results and how to add value to each milk sample.

More info & full program description:

MEX™ | +32 (0) 477 51 27 71 | MEX ConneXion Event website |


DAY 1 – Tuesday May 9 2023 – General session

08:30 AM  Registration with coffee
09:15 AM  Welcome
09:30 PM  Keynote lecture on: Economic and epidemiological impact of different intervention strategies for clinical and subclinical mastitis (Dr. Henk Hogeveen – Wageningen University, The Netherlands).
10:45 AM  Message from a partner

  • 11:00 AM  Break

11:20 AM  Connect, Learn and Experience Session by Črtomir Praprotnik, DVM (CEO of Animalis, Slovenia) on his approach and business model for udder health services.
11:50 AM  Message from a partner
12:05 PM  Connect, Learn and Experience Session by Dr. Luís Pinho (Partner at SVAexpleite, Ld, Portugal) on his approach and business model for udder health services.

  • 12:35 PM  Lunch break

01:45 PM  Message from a partner
02:00 PM  Interactive workshop Mastermind 1: practical case related to udder health and milk quality

  • 03:30 PM  Break

03:50 PM  Interactive workshop Mastermind 2: practical case related to udder health and milk quality
05:20 PM  Adjourn
07:00 PM  Conference dinner

 DAY 2 – Wednesday May 10 2023 – Vet’s Culture in Practice training

08:30 AM  Registration with coffee
09:00 AM  Interactive session: application of ‘bacteriological culturing in practice‘ and role as an advisor.
09:30 AM  Principals and requirements, based on demonstration material.
10:00 AM  Practical session part 1: self-processing and inoculation of samples + interpretation of results. 

  • 11:00 AM  Break

11:15 AM  Practical session part 2: self-processing and inoculation of samples + interpretation of results.

  • 01:00 PM  Lunch and adjourn.

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