PhD-student Tiago Tomazi working in the Qualieite FMVZ-USP lab

Characterization of clinical mastitis and antimicrobial use in dairy herds

Epidemiological studies have characterized clinical mastitis occurrence in several countries, especially in herds from Europe and North America. However, the clinical mastitis monitoring indicators, as well as the characterization of antimicrobials used for treatment of this disease, have not been described in Brazilian dairy farms where milk production systems areRead more

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Cows grazing lush grass on Mary Quickes’ farm.

“Good communication between the herd manager and cheese dairy management gives milk that is optimal for our cheese making.”

Mary Quicke, MBE is the managing director of a dairy farm in southwestern England where she uses the milk produced to make traditional farmhouse cheeses. Last November, Mary received a Lifetime Achievement award for her “Exceptional Contribution to Cheese” at the World Cheese Awards 2015 held in Birmingham. M²-magazine talkedRead more

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#14 M2-Magazine February 2016

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