Fazenda colorado’s technical farm manager and veterinarian Sergio Soriano.

Brazil’s largest dairy farm talks improving udder health

Brazil’s largest dairy farm, Fazenda Colorado, has been steadily growing since it was first purchased in 1964.But sometimes growth comes with growing pains. For farm technical manager and veterinarian Dr. Sergio Soriano, the farm’s growing pains came in the form of udder health issues. In a candid interview, Dr. SorianoRead more

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Automatic cluster removal helps stops overmiking and speeds up milking.

Milking machine and mastitis [Longread]

The milking machine is unique as it harvests food from a living animal on a regular basis. It must work very efficiently so that cows are milked swiftly with minimal effects on udder health. It is essential that teat heath is not compromised. You cannot afford to have cows leavingRead more

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To gain the benefit of the available technology, the data need to be used as an aid to making useful management decisions.

Strategies for maximizing cow comfort towards improved profitability

Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, the dairy housing and analytics specialist at animal nutrition company, Alltech, spoke at the Pacific Northwest Animal Nutrition conference in Boise, Idaho, USA in January 2019. This content is for M²-DIGITAL, M²-PREMIUM, M²-INSTITUTIONAL & NMC members only. Log in if you have a valid subscription and continueRead more

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Ian Ohnstad, BMC Chairperson, presenting the Best Poster Award (as voted by the delegates) to Tom Greenham for his poster on “Maximising milking efficiency: A pilot study of current UK parameters and factors affecting the milking process”

British Mastitis Conference 2018

The 30th British Mastitis Conference was held on 7 November 2018, with a workshop on mastitis data management on the preceding day. There continues to be a number of non-UK based delegates attending, including the presentation of KT posters.

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Dr. Costello and her team also asses the calf health management on the dairy farms.

Milk Quality Pays

Dr. Sandy Costello is the owner and chief dairy management consultant at her dairy service practice, Milk Quality Pays. This small business is based in the eastern United States and was developed in 2011 as a way to actively focus on the diverse needs of clients. Milk Quality Pays worksRead more

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idf conference

IDF Mastitis Conference

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the IDF Mastitis Conference, we are proud and happy to announce the next IDF Mastitis Conference that will take place from 14 to 16 May 2019 in Copenhagen (https://www.idfmastitis2019.com/welcome.html). The venue will be DGI-BYEN in the heart of Copenhagen and the conference, under the aegisRead more

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Research Phd ThesesVetoquinol

Antimicrobial consumption on Flemish dairy herds: quantification, associated factors and mastitis management input as a basis for appropriate use

The overall goals of this thesis were to picture the antimicrobial consumption (AMC) on dairy herds in Flanders, to identify associated factors and to explore whether AMC, udder health and milk quality can be influenced by intensive follow up. The first study revealed that the average antimicrobial use was 20.78Read more

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