Research Phd Theses

Evaluation of casein hydrolysate as an alternative dry-off treatment and milk quality management tool in dairy cows

Many cows will experience mastitis during a lactation cycle, with some undergoing recurrent episodes in a single mammary quarter. The initial focus of our research was the effect of intramammary casein hydrolysate (CH) administered to single mammary quarters of dairy cows mid-lactation in comparison with a placebo (P) or noRead more

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Picture 3: Badly supported long milking tube.

Milking Time Tests

Ian Ohnstad is a milking Technology Specialist working with The Dairy Group in the United Kingdom. This content is for M²-DIGITAL, M²-PREMIUM, M²-INSTITUTIONAL & NMC members only. Log in if you have a valid subscription and continue your reading Or Join us today (subscribe) and get instant premium access toRead more

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Former President of the National Mastitis Council at the International Bovine Mastitis Conference in Beijing, China in 2017.

NMC Offers Global Educational Opportunities

As the global organization for mastitis control and milk quality, National Mastitis Council (NMC) strives to share the latest udder health information to dairy producers and their advisers around the world. Some of this is done at the NMC Annual Meeting

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Q-Llet co-owner and veterinarian Demetrio Herrera Mateo in the milking parlour

Q-Llet vet services improves milk quality in Spain

As dairy farms decrease in number but grow in size, management styles shift, and so too does the role of the veterinarian. In Spain, where herd size has increased steadily over the past decades, veterinarians focus on bettering milk quality and preventing mastitis through improved management protocol. Q-Llet co-owner andRead more

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