My journey into milk quality consulting – necessity and passion

My journey into milk quality consulting began when I was 12 and made the decision I wanted to become a veterinarian. Growing up on a small, general livestock farm in Michigan, USA I learned about caring for many farm animals. By the time I graduated from high school, my favorite farm animal had become the cow. I cannot explain the attraction. I like cows – both dairy and beef, mature and newborn, growing heifers and just fresh first ones, friendly ones and even crazy ones. I like them all and have gladly spent my entire professional career focused on the goal “What is best for the cow!”

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Research MSc thesis

Comparison of bulk tank milk and water microbiota at Brazilian dairy farms during the dry and wet seasons

The bulk tank milk (BTM) microbiota is highly diverse, with multiple contamination sources contributing to its complexity. It has been suggested that the continuous use of water during the cleaning process and the frequentl poor quality of water in dairy farms may negatively impact the microbiological quality of raw milk.Read more

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Dairy farming in Oceania

William Smits had the opportunity to travel around few of the main milk producing regions of New Zealand and Australia and have a closer look at the way cows are milked from the perspective of milking efficiency, milk quality and udder health. He shares his impressions and findings based on observing milking sessions and doing wet testing in 17 farms, and discussions with the farmers, the milking system dealers and his colleagues at DeLaval.

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