environmental mastitis


Pre-milking teat preparation

Post-milking teat dipping is one of the cornerstones of the 5-point plan set up in the 1960ies by the National Institute for Research in Dairying (NORD) in the UK.
In 2017, Tom Hemling (1) proposed to enlarge the plan with two additional features. First, milk a clean, dry, and disinfected teat. Second, use nutrition, stimulants, and vaccines to improve immunity.
On modern dairy farms, these two topics are critical for mastitis prevention.
The original five principles aimed at controlling mainly contagious bacteria. Mastitis caused by bacteria with an environmental origin is nowadays an important threat in many herds. In this article, Joséphine Verhaeghe has a look at the impacts of pre-milking teat preparation. What are the targets we want to reach? She will also address the need for such practice in conventional and automatic milking systems. Finally, she will have look at how to implement it to be as efficient as possible.

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