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Blue sky thinking at first ever Global Milk Quality Expert Forum

The Global Milk Quality Expert Forum is a group of independent experts from academia and practice facilitated by Boehringer Ingelheim’s global udder health team. Its aim is to discuss and share thinkings and learings on new or important topics related to udder health. The intention is to run the meetingsRead more

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Efficacy of vaccination on Staphylococcus aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci intramammary infection dynamics in 2 dairy herds

Mastitis is one of the most frequently occurring and costly diseases in dairy cows. Several preventative strategies have been applied to minimize the incidence of bovine mastitis, including optimization of milking procedures and milking hygiene, antibiotic therapies, vaccinations, segregation, and culling of persistently infected cows. However, mastitis remains an importantRead more

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Bertjan Westerlaan, Vetvice, The Netherlands “Farmers need to work in a very structured way!“ (Part 1)

Veterinarian Bertjan Westerlaan is one of four partners in Dutch company Vetvice. Vetvice provides practical information on cow housing and husbandry to dairy farmers worldwide – and to their advisers and suppliers. Vetvice aims to maximize the health and welfare of both cow and man whilst guaranteeing the cost-effective productionRead more

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A series of epidemiological studies performed in the past decade indicate that mastitis, clinical or subclinical, has negative effects on reproductive performance of dairy cows.

The effect of mastitis on reproductive performance

Mastitis and infertility are the two most common disease complexes in dairy cattle worldwide. Both are multifactorial in nature, are a major reason for culling and have profound negative effects on the profitability of a farm. This content is for M²-DIGITAL, M²-PREMIUM, M²-INSTITUTIONAL & NMC members only. Log in ifRead more

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HIPRA’s goal is to become an international leader in the prevention and control of mastitis.
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HIPRA participates in the NMC regional Meeting, organising a symposium on “Immunology and Pathology of the Udder”

One of the main topics covered during the Regional Meeting of the National Mastitis Council in Ghent, Belgium was the role of udder immunity in mastitis prevention. This content is for M²-DIGITAL, M²-PREMIUM, M²-INSTITUTIONAL & NMC members only. Log in if you have a valid subscription and continue your readingRead more

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