Milk Quality

MEX ConneXion Event | LIVE

The MEX ConneXion Event is organised for vets and advisers that are interested in udder health and milk quality who want to exchange knowledge & experiences with like-minded peers from all over the world.

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In Colombia, milking is usually done at pasture.

Report: Colombia works to improve milk quality and productivity

While demand for dairy products in Colombia is high, quality and productivity aren’t where they could be. Currently, the country’s dairy industry is challenged by a number of factors, including Streptpcoccus agalactiae, their pasture system and hygiene. Colombia has plans to address those challenges though, as they recognise that goodRead more

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Boehringer IngelheimPartner news

Blue sky thinking at first ever Global Milk Quality Expert Forum

The Global Milk Quality Expert Forum is a group of independent experts from academia and practice facilitated by Boehringer Ingelheim’s global udder health team. Its aim is to discuss and share thinkings and learings on new or important topics related to udder health. The intention is to run the meetingsRead more

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