National Mastitis Council – 62nd Annual Meeting

The annual meeting typically attracts about 400 people from 20-plus countries around the world. Designed for all individuals interested in mastitis control, quality milk production and udder health, attendees include veterinarians, dairy producers, researchers, extension specialists, industry suppliers, dairy processor field representatives, regulatory officials, teachers and students. The meeting featuresRead more

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National Mastitis Council Teat Condition Portfolio

Q. What is the Teat Condition Portfolio? The Teat Condition Portfolio is a “cowside” tool available to all National Mastitis Council (NMC) members that provides quicker assessment of environmental, infectious and milking machine-induced teat conditions by being able to compare conditions cowside. Faster assessment will lead to earlier application ofRead more

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HIPRA’s goal is to become an international leader in the prevention and control of mastitis.
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HIPRA participates in the NMC regional Meeting, organising a symposium on “Immunology and Pathology of the Udder”

One of the main topics covered during the Regional Meeting of the National Mastitis Council in Ghent, Belgium was the role of udder immunity in mastitis prevention. This content is for M²-DIGITAL, M²-PREMIUM, M²-INSTITUTIONAL & NMC members only. Log in if you have a valid subscription and continue your readingRead more

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DeLaval’s seminar was entitled “Proper Milk Extraction: Methods and Technologies”.

DeLaval at the NMC

The annual National Mastitis Council regional meeting has been held at the University of Ghent in Belgium. On the last day of the meeting, DeLaval held an industry seminar entitled “Proper Milk Extraction: Methods and Technologies”.

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