At the root of Vetoquinol is a culture of passion, energy, and commitment. These qualities are shared by all our teams – from scientific to industrial and marketing to administration. No matter where they are in the world, each employee is proud to contribute to Vetoquinol’s mission of enhancing the wellbeing of animals and People.

Vetoquinol’s culture and values can be summed up in three points:

  • Trust – Recognising commitment, reliability, integrity, and skills of every individual.
  • Dare – They take initiative. Vetoqinol innovates, not fearing failure. They learn from our experiences and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Collaborate – Vetoquinol encourages internal and external partnerships, consulting all relevant stakeholders. And respect other people and benefit from each other’s diversity, talent, and culture.

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Thousands of people have already contributed to Vetoquinol’s rich heritage and our clients’ success. Vetoquinol believes this collaboration is vital in today’s rapidly changing market. The clients of Vetiquinol truly can achieve more together with Vetoquinol and their range of innovative products and services. 

Founded in 1933, Vetoquinol is one of the most experienced animal health companies in the industry. From the very beginning, they’ve worked alongside owners and experts, dedicating all our efforts to improving the health of animals. By doing so, they contribute indirectly to the health and wellbeing of humans too.

The world has changed considerably over the last decades. And it will undoubtedly continue to change in the years to come. But Vetoquinol has the experience and expertise to adapt to these changes – and remain a reliable partner for all those concerned with animal welfare.The clients truly achieve more together with Vetoquinol.

Vetoquinol believes in building strong relationships, in listening to and understanding people’s needs, and in teamwork.


Vetoquinol is first and foremost an independent, family-owned business. Deeply committed to its values, it has always enjoyed a close relationship with its vet clients.

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