CID LINES believes that hygiene is health ! And that health, in turn, is the key to more profitability and sustainability. In agriculture, healthy animals ensure a higher return on investment for farmers. In the food industry, health and safety lead to better business, in line with all regulations. Overall, end consumers will always benefit from a healthy food chain, leading to greater wellbeing.

Cleanliness should be treasured at all times. Hygiene on the dairy farm is essential to prevent several diseases, of which Mastitis is probably one the most threathening for both cattle health and farm cow!income. CID LINES is the perfect partner to ensure the hygiene standards in dairy farms. We supply high quality products to ensure the utmost hygiene in every aspect of excellent dairy farming practice and continually develop new products for improved production.

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Mastitis Cost Calculator

Despite a good knowledge of the pathology, the cost of both clinical and subclinical mastitis is often ignored or underestimated.

If direct consequences (udder damages) and direct costs (cost of treatment, veterinarian fees and time spent to treat animals) of mastitis are obvious, undirect consequences and costs are often neglected despite much more economical impact. The main undirect cost is the decrease of milk production for the current lactation and also, because of irreversible damages, for the next lactation. Optimizing milk production and milk quality is a priority for dairy sector. Optimizing milk production means optimizing farmers’ profit. And the strongest leverage measure to achieve optimum milk production is to prevent mastitis. Think hygiene, think high gain!

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Biosafe is a very effective cleaner for equipment, sensitive materials and vehicles. Thanks to the combination of powerful cleaning agents and special corrosion inhibitors, Biosafe is ideal for all corrosion sensitive surfaces (e.g. aluminium, copper, zinc, …).

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