Experts from all over the world and cooperatives will meet in September during the19th International Dairy Cooperatives Forum, which will be held in Białystok, Poland.

The challenges of the new financial perspective of the European Union and the European Green Deal are among the many topics that will be discussed during 19th International Dairy Cooperatives Forum. Experts and politicians from around the world will talk about the opportunities and threats of changes in the dairy sector.

While the European Green Deal is completely reframing the operational basis of our industry, the new geopolitical environment will ask for an adaptation as well.
The coordination here will be a huge challenge.

At the last IDCF, there was a discussion “if Russia is a threat for EU dairy”
…. We have the answer now and need to build our strategy.

Alexander Anton, EDA Secretary General

The Green Deal is reducing fertilization, spraying, putting some fields in fallow and improving animal welfare. The development of EU regulations requires a wide-ranging discussion, which will take into account the opinions of experts, farmers and cooperatives. Only a wise and matter-of-fact debate unsupported by ideologies is a chance for regulations that will ensure food security – so much threatened today, e.g. by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Green transformation, the post pandemic crisis and the effects of the attack on Ukraine are the main topics of the 19th edition of the Conference.

The current situation forces a new, holistic view of dairy sector on a macro and micro scale. Any changes in one branch of the economy have implications for others.

The European Commissioner for Agriculture will take part in the discussion at 19th International Dairy Cooperatives Forum. His presence is a great opportunity to get to know dairy sector from a European perspective. The presentation will be not only about changes in policy, but also about the EU budget for agriculture. What are the outlooks? About this in September!

The topics discussed at Forum will also include the effects of war in Ukraine on dairy industry, modern technologies, price risk management and the general situation of Polish, European and global agriculture. For the 19th time, the International Dairy Cooperatives Forum will gather politicians, cooperatives, experts and representatives of trade unions and organizations from Europe, New Zealand and the USA.

Poland is the fourth European producer of milk. They sell over 12.5 billion liters annually. Conference is an opportunity not only to analyse the current situation, but also to look for directions of development.

19th International Dairy Cooperatives Forum
September 7th-8th  in Białystok, Poland

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