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M2- It’s time to meet, 4,5 & 6 august (Ghent)

Basically, scientists are expected to share their research results with others in various forms and to offer their knowledge for the benefit of society. One of the most common ways of sharing knowledge and findings in the academic world is publishing papers in scientific journals. In 2013, for example, more than 260 peer-reviewed papers were published on mastitis and udder health in dairy cattle. However, scientific publications can be difficult to access by non-scientists and often contain so much detailed information that they are understandable by only a small set of readers – mostly from the scientific community.

M²-magazine offers another platform for sharing information and tries to narrow the gap between science and practice in some way by bringing international information and highlights related to mastitis and milk quality with a scientifically sound basis to people active in the dairy industry. The 9th edition of M² includes a FOCUS on vaccination and mastitis, the main findings of two RESEARCH PhD THESES on Streptococcus uberis and Bovine Viral Diarrhea, respectively, an overview of the FoqusPlanet program of the world’s second largest dairy co-operative FrieslandCampina (MANAGEMENT), a presentation of the research lab of RESEARCHER@WORK Dr. Isis Kanevsky-Mullarky from Virginia Tech, and trends in the prevalence and distribution of mastitis pathogens in Poland offered by the LAB of the Polish National Veterinary Institute.

The ultimate (plat)form for sharing knowledge and experiences are, however, meetings. A meeting is, per definition, a gathering of at least two people that has been convened for the purpose of achieving a common goal through verbal interaction, such as sharing information. The next upcoming big event on mastitis and milk quality is the National Mastitis Council Regional Meeting that will offer ample opportunities for sharing information, knowledge and experiences with more than 450 attendees including students, residents, junior & senior researchers, dairy consultants and practitioners, (… from more than 36 different countries at the time of writing, June 9). The meeting is marked as the first ever NMC Regional Meeting outside North America and will take place in Ghent, Belgium from August 4 to 6. During the scientific program, updates will be given on applied topics related to mastitis and milk quality including treatment programs, dry cow management, immunity and mastitis, genetics and mastitis etc. by specialists with a world reputation. The technical program, including short courses, industrial seminars and farm visits, will allow for interactive learning on how to implement and translate all information and knowledge to the field. Undoubtedly, this meeting will establish and extend networks and strengthen the connection between science and practice!

Hope to meet you all in Ghent!

Sofie Piepers