M²-magazine #35 March 2023

Table of Content + M²-Flipbook for M²-PREMIUM members

  • 5 Preface 
    Achieve better milk together
  • 6 Interview
    M²-magazine conversation with Paulina Lingers
  • 10 Management
    Moving away from blanket dry cow therapy and supporting the adoption of selective dry cow therapy in Ireland - key messages from CellCheck.
  • 16 Focus
    Post-milking teat protection
  • 28 Project
    Implementing selective treatment of non-severe clinical mastitis in Flanders, Belgium via "on-practice" approach.
  • 31 Research Master thesis
    Effects of intramammary infections on mammary gland growth and development in nulligravid heifers.
  • 34 Conference
    British mastitis conference 2022
  • 37 Conference
    9th Polish Mastitis Association Conference STOPMASTITIS.PL
  • 38 Research papers

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