Mastitis vaccination blog

This year, HIPRA unveiled its new space which focuses on mastitis – one of the most costly diseases in ruminants – on a global level. The main aim of is to become a reference space of prevention in ruminant health, especially in the control and prevention of mastitis.

This blog regularly publishes posts relating to the world of mastitis. In under one year, the blog has published more than 30 posts about the main problems, prevention and control methods, diagnosis and, of course, vaccination. “Knowing the pathogens: the most useful tool for establishing a correct bovine mastitis control programme”; “Environmental control & mastitis in dairy cows: the importance of keeping your cows clean, dry and comfortable” and “Controlling Mastitis in cattle with less antibiotics: is it possible?” are just a few examples of what can be found at

Most posts were written by HIPRA’s Mastitis Team in collaboration with international opinion leaders, who are key figures in the sector and will help to provide a more global view of the problem.

We encourage you to visit this educational space and find out more about the disease at