Milk Quality, Udder Health Specialists Head to Savannah, Georgia, for NMC Annual Meeting

Join world-renowned milk quality and mastitis researchers for the 58th National Mastitis Council (NMC) Annual Meeting in Savannah, Georgia, USA, January 29-February 1, 2019. The conference kicks off with an optional dairy farm tour, featuring dairies that produce high quality milk. NMC offers 15 short courses on January 30 and thought-provoking and informational presentations on January 31 and February 1.


Meeting features 4 themes

The NMC Annual Meeting Program Committee, led by NMC First Vice President Jason Lombard, developed four primary themes for this year’s general sessions and featured symposium. Themes include Hot Topics, Udder Health in Heifers: A Fresh New Look, Milk Quality Matters, and Consumers and Communication. Here’s a sneak peek at presentations from each session.

  • Danelle Bickett-Weddle, Center for Food Security and Public Health, Iowa State University, kicks off the General Session by addressing milk supply security. Milk cannot be moved unless dairy producers meet permit requirements during a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. Controlling the spread of this highly contagious animal disease requires a balance of stopping animal and animal product (cattle, milk) movement with business continuity. Bickett-Weddle will review movement permit guidance in the Secure Milk Supply Plan. Key topics include biosecurity, surveillance and enhanced record keeping.
  • Benjamin Enger, a 2016 NMC Scholar and now an associate professor at The Ohio State University, will address mastitis in dairy heifers. He will discuss the prevalence and causative agents affecting dairy heifers and take an in-depth look into how these infections impact the mammary gland during this critical period of mammary growth and development.
  • Brandon Treichler of Select Milk Producers will tackle the value of producing quality milk. With today’s historically low milk prices and eroding milk quality premiums, it’s easy to assume that the quality of milk no longer matters. This is not true. Now, as much as ever, producing high quality milk puts more money in the bank. Treichler will discuss the relationship between milk quality and net farm income, as well as how milk quality impacts consumer perceptions of dairy products.
  • Seasoned communication specialists Max and Linda Wenck of MorganMyers, Inc. will address the future of food. Dairy producers and allied industry strive to produce and market nutrient-dense, quality milk that satisfies consumers’ wants and needs. Yet, market signals and claims can confuse players – from the farm to the fork. The Wencks will explore consumer trends, where things are headed and what it could mean for you.

Wednesday features:  15 short courses

NMC Second Vice President Sarne De Vliegher organized an extensive list of Short Courses – for a variety of professionals and levels of expertise. Topics are listed below. For course descriptions and instructors, go to:

2019 NMC Annual Meeting Short Courses

January 30 – Morning

  • Using Rapid Culture Systems to Guide Selective Treatment of Clinical Mastitis and at Dry-off
  • Healthy Dairy Farming with Less Antimicrobial Use – Yes, We Can!
  • An Organized Approach to Developing a Long-term Action Plan for Herds with Poor Teat Ends
  • Practical Mastitis Problem-solving Workshop
  • NMC Procedures for Evaluating Vacuum Levels and Air Flow I (Features the Teaching Parlor)

January 30 – Afternoon

  • Milk Bugs Like It Raw: Basic Milk Bacteriology for Professionals
  • Managing Large Dairies: The Consultant’s Role
  • How to Create a Culture of Excellence in Dairies (taught in Spanish)
  • Mastitis and Pain
  • 7 Point Plan for Mastitis Control
  • Helping Clients Develop an Udder Health Management Strategy Using PCDART
  • NMC Procedures for Evaluating Vacuum Levels and Air Flow II (Features the Teaching Parlor)

January 30 – Evening

  • The Why, What, When and How of Mastitis Therapy
  • How to Create a Culture of Excellence in Dairies
  • Clean in Place and Slug Analysis (Features the Teaching Parlor)


Travel stipends available

In our efforts to attract new members and attendees to the annual meeting, NMC offers a limited number of $100 travel stipends for dairy herd veterinarians and dairy producers to attend the NMC Annual Meeting. To secure one of the 20 travel stipends, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis, contact JoDee Sattler at:


To learn more about the meeting and to register, go to:

Text: JoDee Saddler