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As part of the Ubrocare program for the mastitis prevention and treatment, Boehringer Ingelheim has recently launched Ubrocare.com. This is an innovative multidevice website through which you will be able to become an expert in mastitis!


Boehringer Ingelheim has lately released a new website focused on mastitis control: Ubrocare.com. It is specially aimed at dairy vets who work in order to enhance the health of dairy cattle and milk quality on dairy farms. The main goal of ubrocare.com is to provide dairy vets with the best contents about mastitis in an attractive platform, and usefully organized for the vet’s daily work.

The innovative content organization of Ubrocare.com makes the information easily available for users. Contents are organized according to their usefulness, accompanying vets along their daily work. Thus, vets are able to access the information they need for the di erent areas of knowledge that their work implies: udder health, management, diagnosis, milk quality, evidence-based medicine,

The website has four main sections, which host di erent kind of contents related to mastitis:

  • Focus on your practice
  • Mastitis vet’s digest
  • What’s new
  • At the lab

Focus on your practice
boehringer_ingelheim-ubrocareCurrently “Focus on your practice” section is the core of the website, with its practical approach. It is composed of wideranging and practical information about udder health and milk quality, displayed in several formats: articles, movies, animations, quizzes, etc.

This section has been detached in four di erent parts, according to the organization of the vet’s tasks in the visit to the farm:

  • Heifers
  • Dry cow management
  • Lactating cows
  • Milking equipment

Mastitis vet’s digest
This section, with a theoretical approach, displays a compilation of summaries of articles about mastitis control from international journals (Scientifi c abstracts) as well as links to
useful resources for dairy vets (Useful links). It also includes a Glossary page.

What is new
This section gathers updated information about dairy cattle, specially focused on mastitis and udder health. It includes both international news and reports about the cattle industry main events.

At the lab
This part is focused on laboratory diagnosis. Information about the main procedures for laboratory diagnosis and sensitivity testing is displayed in a user-friendly format.

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