2022 National Mastitis Council Annual Meeting | Feb 1-3, 2022

Join NMC in San Diego, California, USA or virtually for its 61st Annual Meeting. NMC is offering the NMC Annual Meeting General Sessions virtually (via Zoom) and in person.  

Each year, the National Mastitis Council holds an annual meeting in late January/early February in the United States, and a regional meeting in North America. The annual meeting typically attracts about 400 people from 20-plus countries around the world. Designed for all individuals interested in mastitis control, quality milk production and udder health, attendees include veterinarians, dairy producers, researchers, extension specialists, industry suppliers, dairy processor field representatives, regulatory officials, teachers and students. The meeting features world-renowned presenters who discuss a variety of milk quality production principles and offer hands-on strategies to improve udder health. Plus, several researchers present posters during the Technology Transfer Session.

Held in a dairy-centric area, the NMC Regional Meeting targets dairy producers and bovine veterinarians. Several researchers, extension specialists, industry suppliers, dairy processor field representatives and teachers also attend the regional meeting. This event provides a forum for delivering and sharing information about udder health, mastitis control, milking management, milk quality and animal well-being through major presentations, short courses (workshops) and tours.

While these in-person events offer numerous networking and collaborative opportunities, NMC understands that not everyone interested in building their milk quality/udder health/mastitis prevention, treatment and control knowledge can attend. Thus, NMC members may access presentation recordings from some of the group’s events. Just log in to the NMC Member Center and click on the pertinent icon to access recordings. Also, NMC members may access webinar recordings on this web page.

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This year’s General Sessions *

  • Frontiers in Consumer Demands
  • Frontiers in Managing for Milk Quality
  • Frontiers in Mastitis Science
  • Frontiers in Tracking, Treating and Diagnosing
  • Frontiers in Mastitis Management/Fronteras en el manejo de mastitis (presented in Spanish)

* Latest info about the General Sessions

Short course topics** include

  • Team Troubleshooting Real World Milk Quality Problems
  • Uncovering the Mysteries of Somatic Cell Count and Mastitis Data
  • The Bugs that Bug Us
  • How to Successfully Evaluate Milking Center Data to Stimulate Improvement on Dairies
  • Sensor-based Mastitis Management
  • Why, When and How to Perform an NMC Milking System Air Flow Analysis
  • Testing and Interpretation for Milking Machines with Dynamic Control of Vacuum and/or Pulsation
  • An Organized Approach to Developing a Long-term Action Plan for Herds with Poor Teat Ends
  • Dairy’s Commitment to On-farm Social Responsibility: The National Dairy FARM Program
  • Genetics for Mastitis Resistance
  • Training and Retaining Milk Harvest Technicians with the SOP, Roadmap and TWI Approach
  • Strategies to Improve Transition Cow Mammary Gland Health
  • Managing Compost-bedded Pack Barns for Optimal Milk Quality
  • The Human Side of Milk Quality: Taking Your Parlor Team to the Next Level
  • Robotic Milking and Mastitis Management. How does the NMC 10 Point Plan Work for Producers?

**Short courses are only available for in-person attendees.

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