Agrilab: How we deal with mastitis management in Italy

Agrilab is a laboratory in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont in Italy that, since 1978, offers its service in the field of microbiological and chemical analysis on milk, water and food; from raw materials to semi-finished products, to the finished product ready for commercial distribution.


Since 2011, the analysis and consultancy reports have multiplied, mainly in the field of dairy cattle. In 6 years, the amount of chemical and microbiological analyses of milk has become almost ten times bigger. Thus was Agrilab Lait initiated and developed (lait in the Piedmontese dialect means milk). The aim was to improve milk quality – no longer limited to laboratory analyses – but developed in a strategic plan of advice and assistance aimed at the specific cases that are found in each farm. Agrilab Lait offers a comprehensive service of assistance and consultancy on all matters and issues of mastitis. In 2012, substantial help came from rural development plans, that made it possible for many farmers to have economic incentives to spend on a milk quality and mastitis management program, that then continued in the following years.

With Agrilab each farmer can choose between:

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