High milk quality essential for small Croatian cheese maker

Ensuring milk quality is highly essential to maintain a business for one small dairy farmer and cheesemaker in Croatia particularly as her cow numbers are low.


With only 15 cows in the shed supplying a total of 300 litres of milk per day Romina Zadravec needs every litre for her cheese production. Romina owns and runs Kusanovec Dairy located near Dugo Selo, in the eastern part of Zagreb County, which provides an income for her family and that of her sister’s also. There are some 157,000 farms in Croatia largely made up of small farms with less than ten hectares at their disposal. Romina is quite lucky in that regard as she has 30 hectares to work on but no chance of expanding as farms are never for sale in her vicinity. Romina’s farm has been in her family for decades having been handed down through the generations and now to on to her. Although Romina is the owner, the farm supports her own family plus that of her sister, Melita Jadanec-Cutura, totalling nine people. “It’s tradition for the farms to be handed down and now I am the

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