NMC Annual Meeting draws milk quality experts from 23 countries

Milk quality, mastitis and udder health researchers, dairy producers and dairy industry partners gathered for the 58thNational Mastitis Council (NMC) Annual Meeting, held Jan. 29-Feb. 1, in Savannah, Ga., USA. Topics discussed ranged from the milk microbiome to disease outbreaks linked to raw milk to antimicrobial residue risks to genetic selection for udder health.


“This year’s NMC Annual Meeting offered timely topics for those interested in improving milk quality around the world – whether they’re dairy producers, researchers, milk processors, veterinarians or consultants,” said Jason Lombard, newly installed NMC president and annual meeting program chair, Fort Collins, Colo. “The Featured Symposium highlighted the value of nutrient-dense, wholesome dairy foods in healthy diets. Plus, we armed attendees with ways to effectively communicate dairy’s value – for human nutrition and a sustainable environment.”

NMC recognized several milk quality experts during its annual meeting. Andrew Johnson, Grande Cheese Company herd health and wellness veterinarian, received the NMC Award of Excellence for Contribution to Mastitis Prevention and Control. The 2003 NMC president, he chaired the NMC Milking Machine Committee and co-authored the globally recognized standard for milking system functional analysis, “National Mastitis Council’s Airflow Guidelines for System Analysis.” In the early 1990s, he helped launch NMC’s highly successful short courses and continues to serve as an instructor. A popular milk quality and

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