The association between bulk tank milk analysis for raw milk quality and on-farm management practices (008-01.09.2011)

The association between bulk tank milk analysis for raw milk quality and on-farm management practices

Abstract: Our objective was to determine the risk factors associated with bacteriological quality of bulk tank milk. Bulk tank milk samples were collected from all Prince Edward Island dairy herds (n = 235) from March 2005 to March 2007. Biweekly total bacterial, preliminary incubation, laboratory pasteurization, and coliform counts were conducted using a Petrifilm culture system. Data for on-farm risk factors were collected via a mail-out survey which consisted of 4 main sections: (1) general farm demographics and management, (2) cow cleanliness and hygiene, (3) milking procedures and mastitis control, and (4) equipment maintenance and cleaning. Of 235 producers, 153 completed the mail-out survey giving a response rate of 65%. Both total aerobic and preliminary incubation counts were positively associated with the amount of soiling on the teats prior to udder preparation, manual cleaning of the bulk tank, and the use of a specific type of detergent. Additionally, various methods of premilking udder preparation were important, with pre-dip followed by drying being superior to other methods in reducing the bacterial counts. The laboratory pasteurization count was positively associated with the presence of a plate cooler and inadequate frequency of acid wash, whereas having a water purification system was negatively associated with laboratory pasteurization count. Finally, coliform count was negatively associated with clipping udder hair and automated washing of the bulk tank, whereas increasing herd size and inadequate frequency of acid wash were risk factors. Season was a significant predictor for all bacterial counts with the lowest counts tending to occur in winter.

Author(s): Elmoslemany AM (Elmoslemany, A. M.)1,2Keefe GP (Keefe, G. P.), Dohoo IR (Dohoo, I. R.)3Wichtel JJ (Wichtel, J. J.), Stryhn H (Stryhn, H.), Dingwell RT (Dingwell, R. T.)4
Source: PREVENTIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE Volume: 95 Issue: 1-2 Pages: 32-40 Published: JUN 1 2010