Characterization of clinical mastitis and antimicrobial use in dairy herds

PhD-student Tiago Tomazi working in the Qualieite FMVZ-USP lab

Epidemiological studies have characterized clinical mastitis occurrence in several countries, especially in herds from Europe and North America. However, the clinical mastitis monitoring indicators, as well as the characterization of antimicrobials used for treatment of this disease, have not been described in Brazilian dairy farms where milk production systems are still under development. Key performance indicators of clinical mastitis, such as incidence rates, prevalence and recurrence of cases, etiologic profile, severity, and the association of these parameters with characteristics at the herd level (bulk tank SCC, the number of milking cows and average milk yield) have not been described in milk production systems in Brazil. Considering the etiological and epidemiological differences that may occur in different countries, regions and even between herds, studies characterizing the clinical mastitis profile are important for the development of more specific strategies aimed at the control and prevention of this disease.

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