Farm Development & Mastitis Management in China

Dairy farming in China will continue to develop rapidly. The trend (and official policy) is not simply to make farms larger, but to make the farming model more sustainable. As in other countries, in China the use of antibiotics in the industry is a point of concern and farmers are giving more attention to mastitis prevention. Mastitis is often referred to as a management disease. As Chinese farmers learn how to manage their farms then the level of mastitis in China will reduce.


Working with DeLaval, with milking performance, milk quality, training, advisory and troubleshooting roles, I have the opportunity to visit many large farms in China. They include private farms and farms belonging to the large farming groups such as Yilli, Mengniu, Modern Dairy, Huishan, AustAsia, Shanghai Bright, Sunlon and Shengmu.

The first really large farm in China, the Modern Dairy Helan farm, was constructed as

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