HIPRA presents UBAC®, the only specific vaccine against Strep. uberis

The most recent International Bovine Mastitis Conference (NMC Milan 2018, Italy) was the setting chosen by HIPRA for the global presentation of UBAC®, the only vaccine to deal specifically with
clinical mastitis caused by Streptococcus uberis.

Daniel Zalduendo, Corporate Brand Manager Mastitis in HIPRA, was responsible for presenting UBAC®, the new vaccine against clinical mastitis caused by Strep. uberis, at the symposium entitled
“Take control of Strep. uberis”.

After the session and the speakers had been introduced by Sarne de Vliegher (2nd Vice-President of the NMC), Paolo Moroni provided data that demonstrated the increasing problem of Strep. uberis globally and the failure of antibiotics to control it.

Rosa Collado (researcher in R+D Biologicals, HIPRA), one of the leaders of the project to create the vaccine, explained the key aspects in the process of creation of the vaccine, for example
obtaining the BAC antigen that confers protection against different strains of Strep. uberis (heterological protection), and the adjuvant HIPRAMUNE® U, used for the first time in the veterinary industry.
David Sabaté (Clinical Trials Manager, HIPRA), head of UBAC® field trials, then presented the results that had been obtained. These showed a reduction in clinical mastitis caused by Strep. uberis by half, as well as a reduction in the use of antibiotics and in milk production losses associated with mastitis.

The following day, everyone who was interested in finding out more about UBAC® had the opportunity of talking to the HIPRA team involved in the development of the vaccine, as well as renowned opinion leaders such as Tine van Werven, Volker Krömker and Andrew Biggs, on the HIPRA stand.

At the end of the congress, the participants in the activities organized by HIPRA returned home with a greater understanding of the new vaccine, UBAC®, and with more information and tools to take control of Strep. uberis.