Milk Quality Pays

Dr. Costello and her team also asses the calf health management on the dairy farms.

Dr. Sandy Costello is the owner and chief dairy management consultant at her dairy service practice, Milk Quality Pays. This small business is based in the eastern United States and was developed in 2011 as a way to actively focus on the diverse needs of clients. Milk Quality Pays works with all size dairy farms, whether they have rotary parlors, Hispanic labor, and lots of cows, or have high-fat dairy breeds to produce and sell organically-certified cheese to a local niche market. Milk Quality Pays also works with small service and product-based dairy businesses dedicated to working with producers to help improve their businesses and diversity of products offered. Meeting client needs means motivating, directing and redirecting the focus of management, workers, and service and product suppliers toward the farm’s economic and best practice goals. This results in a collective effort to improve animal health and welfare, as well as workforce environment which ultimately enhances quality milk production.

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