NMC Offers Global Educational Opportunities

Former President of the National Mastitis Council at the International Bovine Mastitis Conference in Beijing, China in 2017.

As the global organization for mastitis control and milk quality, National Mastitis Council (NMC) strives to share the latest udder health information to dairy producers and their advisers around the world. Some of this is done at the NMC Annual Meeting, which typically attracts milk quality experts from two dozen countries. And some of this is done by going beyond U.S. borders. This year, NMC’s outreach beyond its annual meeting include milk quality presentations at the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio; International Dairy Cattle Disease Conference, Beijing; American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Conference, St. Louis, Missouri; and Latin American Mastitis Research Network (RELIM), La Plata, Argentina.


ADSA milk quality program

The 2019 ADSA Annual Meeting, June 23-26, will attract more than 1,700 dairy foods and production specialists from 51 countries with common but diverse interests in the future of dairy science.
The most comprehensive dairy science meeting in the world, it is a global forum for professionals, educators and students.

For the third consecutive year, NMC will host a mastitis and milk quality session at the ADSA Annual Meeting. The June 24 morning session features two invited presentations and several excellent research abstracts.

The first featured speaker is Susan Schexnayder from the University of Tennessee and a Southeast Quality Milk Initiative (SQMI) member. She’ll present “Insights into the Relationships among Dairy Farmers, Milk Quality and Farm Closure in the Southeastern U.S.” Schexnayder’s presentation is based on the SQMI team’s outstanding work.

The second featured speaker is Ron Erskine from Michigan State University. He will present “The Cultural Lag in the U.S. Dairy Industry: Impact on Herd Productivity.”

“I invite those attending ADSA to show your support for the great work NMC does in promoting udder health and milk quality by attending the Monday morning session,” said Dave Kelton, past NMC president.


NMC returns to China

Following a successful 2017 NMC Regional Meeting in Beijing, NMC returns to Beijing this August for the International Dairy Cattle Disease Conference & NMC Regional Meeting, Aug. 23-25. During the opening ceremony, NMC First Vice President Sarne De Vliegher will introduce the audience to NMC and explain its many membership benefits and significant impact on improving milk quality, udder health and animal welfare.

Conference topics include:

  • Machine milking and relationship to mastitis risk
  • Risk factors for mastitis at the herd, cow and quarter levels
  • Prevention and control of bovine brucellosis/tuberculosis
  • Prevention and control of calf diseases
  • Dairy farm biosecurity plans
  • Biofilms in milking equipment, a source of bulk tank milk contamination
  • Tips for successful cleaning of milking installations
  • Practical mastitis problem solving through the adviser’s eyes

Just like the NMC Annual Meeting, the International Dairy Cattle Disease Conference & NMC Regional Meeting speakers represent several countries. Confirmed speakers include Carl Oskar Paulrud, Sweden; Sarne De Vliegher, Belgium; Kairong Mao and Wenxue, Wu, China; Alejandra Latorre, Chile; Mario Lopez, United States; and Peter Edmondson, United Kingdom.

Go to: to learn more about the International Dairy Cattle Disease Conference & NMC Regional Meeting in Beijing.


AABP collaboration

In 2001 and 2011, NMC partnered with AABP to co-host an NMC Regional Meeting. AABP approached NMC about collaborating a little sooner than in the past – resulting in an NMC Regional Meeting/AABP milk quality sessions at the 2019 AABP Conference.

As part of the AABP dairy program, NMC will provide milk quality and udder health program content for the afternoon of Sept. 12 and the morning of Sept. 13. The Thursday session will focus on adding a milk quality revenue stream to dairy veterinary practices and will feature Brandon Treichler, Select Milk Producers; Roger Thomson, MQ-IQ Consulting, LLC; and Jim Bennett, Northern Valley Dairy Production Medicine Center; and a practitioner panel of Adlai Schuler, Marshall Ridge Farms; Phil Meadows, Mitchell Veterinary Services; and Ashley Zondlak, Team Management Concepts.

The Friday session will address key issues around antibiotic stewardship, through Daryl Nydam, Cornell University; Don Niles, Dairy Dreams LLC; and Charlotte Winder, University of Guelph. Plus, Sandra Godden, University of Minnesota, will explore the relationship between bedding and mastitis.

Meeting registration will transpire through the AABP website ( Additionally, NMC members will receive periodic updates via e-mail. Those who follow NMC on social media will also see information regarding NMC-AABP programming in St. Louis.

Text - JoDee Sattler