Vaccination against E.coli mastitis: Farm experience [VIDEO]

The Gommans own their family farm in the Netherlands, with 174 cows and an average milk production of 10.107 Kg. They were experiencing serious E. coli mastitis, with acute mastitis resulting in the death of some cows. When going to milk the cows, there was always a concern as to what to expect.

In Sjaak Gommans’ words: “The love for the job was being hard to find!”

After discussion with their veterinary advisor, changes were implemented, as mastitis is a multifactorial disease, yet the results were still not what they hoped for.

So they decided to go for vaccination with STARTVAC®.


  • An impressive decrease in severity of E. coli mastitis, from 12 to 2. These 2 cows recovered from mastitis.
  • Antibiotic reduction: DDD (Defined Daily Dose) reduced from 4 to 3. There was a reduction in injectable antibiotics during lactation but also on dry off tubes.
  • ROI (Return on Investesment) of 3.5.
  • Surplus of heifers, 12 were sold as they were not needed.

With good results in his herd, in his accounts and in his bank balance: “We don’t know why we didn’t start vaccinating earlier.”

Source – HIPRA

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