European Mastitis Panel meets in Poland

In May of 2017, 13 udder health experts from 10 European countries met for the 10th European Mastitis Panel (EMP) in Gdansk, Poland. The purpose of the meeting is to create an independent and knowledgeable discussion platform that exchanges mastitis related information between European countries. The meeting brings together mastitis researchers, field practitioners and others related to the field of mastitis.


Each year the panel is held in a different country, which provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about dairy production in a new setting. This year, attendees were invited to learn about production in Poland.

Dairy production in Poland
Currently, some 230,000 Polish milk producers raise 2.1 million dairy cows. The average producer has just nine cows; however, this is not reflective of all Polish dairy farms, as some milk as many as 2,500 cows. The largest farms are found in the north and near the

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