“To foam or not to foam?”

Different udder preparation routines will have a different impact on teat cleanliness, skin condition and milk let-down, and it’s vital you choose a routine that fits your herd’s needs!
A foaming teat cleaning solution is one of the options, but can definitely be considered as a very effective routine…

Foaming has some clear advantages over a liquid; For starters, it is a very economical approach as consumption is much lower. Did you know one drop of liquid produces 10 times as much foam?
Apart from lower consumption, a foam will cover the teats better and will have less run-off than a liquid. Last but certainly not least, a foaming teat solution means you are covering the teats with little bubbles. When these bubbles burst on the teat, the surface tension created will detach the dirt from the skin and hold it, until it’s wiped off. Don’t forget to wipe off afterwards by the way, as this will effectively remove any dirt, potentially carrying bacteria, and will result in extra stimulation of the teats to promote milk let-down!

All in all, foaming offers many benefits, while also being a very easy and practical routine! Curious as to which solution would fit your farm best? Click here!