Milking Time Tests

Ian Ohnstad is a milking Technology Specialist working with The Dairy Group in the United Kingdom. After a practical grounding in dairy herd management, Ian began his consultancy career with ADAS working closely with dairy farmers in the south of England. After 15 years with ADAS, Ian was involved in the establishment of The Dairy Group consultancy business in 2004 and he continues to provide milk quality and milk harvesting consultancy throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Evaluating a milking System

International Standards exist which clearly set out the procedures and methods that should be used to test a milking machine (ISO 6690:2007) and outlines the basic operating parameters which should be achieved (ISO 5707:2007). However, these standards describe tests which are generally carried out with the milking system operating but not actually milking any animals.
It has become increasingly apparent that evaluating a milking system without taking account of the animals being milked and the operator that is using the machine is likely to lead to an in-complete evaluation and of more concern, may lead to a system being described as satisfactory when in fact this is far from the case.
An eminent group of milk harvesting experts published an excellent bulletin on behalf of the international Dairy Federation in 2005 (Evaluating Milking Performance 396/2005) and this document outlines the procedures to be followed to undertake a

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